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Sick dekes

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OT Winna

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NHL 11 Videos

We'll find ways to complain but hopefully they're new to 11. Come on 4v4 clock!

Some confirmed stuff I have high hopes for.

  • Real Time Physics (scripted hits are gone but hopefully it's not arcade style)

  • Sticks breaking (hopefully it doesn't suck but it should add some intrigue)

  • Practice Mode (We can all take our suck to the ice where it doesn't count)

  • New Faceoffs (not just the same win it back to the D every time)

Hopefully exploits are minimized and fixed throughout the year.

There's ton of good videos on youtube from E3 but here's a few to get you started.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Kevin your wish has been granted!


All-New EASHL Dynasties

The EA SPORTS Hockey League takes online play to the next level as championship seasons are awarded with banner-raising ceremonies and new user celebrations that allow you to rub it in the faces of your biggest rivals. Prep your team for their playoff run with an all-new Practice mode.

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If this isn't all Smo I don't know what is.

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Don't be ghay.


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Air Jordan

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Tuners suck..... imagine that.....

UPDATE - February 3

This morning an update to Tuner Set V1.03 was re-released to tweak a few of the adjustments to tuner set based on community and team feedback. Here are the change notes (on top of the original V1.03 changes):

All modes

-Poke check effectiveness increased
-Ease of tripping a player when poke check lowered
-Goalie tuning to prevent some exploit shots
-Shot accuracy increased

-Puck control down decreased (still higher than pre-V1.03)
-Acceleration decreased
-Top skating speed increased
-Pass error decreased
-Pass speed increased

-Acceleration decreased slightly
-Puck control decreased (still higher than pre-V1.03)
-Deflections increased (same as EASHL/OTP now)

Offline (V1.03 only)
-Screen effect increased
-Range of acceleration slider increased. The lowest value is 25% lower than before the highest is the same.
-Deflections increased (same as EASHL/OTP n

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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Tuner update gayness.

The major objective of the tuning update is to get more goal-scoring variation and loosen up goal scoring. There is now more variety in CPU goalie positioning as well as a bunch of other tweaks to how goalies position, how fast they can move and accelerate, rebound control, screen effects, reaction speeds, and more.

For online the duration of the post-whistle time has been reduced, and a few gameplay exploits have been reduced.

Beyond getting more varied goal scoring we wanted to address a number of other issues that have been identified by the community and that we are able to improve through a tuning update. Because a significant number of changes were made in this update we will be paying close attention to how things play out in the coming weeks and responding with additional fine tuning as necessary.

All online games use the new tuning set. After downloading the update offline games can use the new tuning update by switching the “Tuner Set Version” under Gameplay Settings/General to either Latest (which is the default) or V1.03. You can also switch to earlier versions if you prefer to keep things the same as they have been.

Highlights of the update include:
-Increased variation in goalie positioning
-Rebounds directed further to the side of the net
-Small reduction in goalie reaction times, top speed and acceleration
-Increase in screen effect on goalies (online only)
-Reduced post-whistle time (online only)
-Decreased effectiveness of the pass block (LB/L1) at taking the puck away
-Increased frequency of deflections (EASHL/OTP only)
-Prevent CPU defenders from being easily lured into hooking penalties in EASHL/OTP games
-Improved ability to intercept weak passes
-For EASHL/OTP, the range of the some of the attribute effects has been increased

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Another Month No Medal


I guess we're missing about 1.41 ppg. I suck.

Not only did type 1.41 when it was really 1.47 we also managed to win a Silver Medal. I guess it just took a couple days for it to actually arrive. Either way...GJ!