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Air Jordan

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Tuners suck..... imagine that.....

UPDATE - February 3

This morning an update to Tuner Set V1.03 was re-released to tweak a few of the adjustments to tuner set based on community and team feedback. Here are the change notes (on top of the original V1.03 changes):

All modes

-Poke check effectiveness increased
-Ease of tripping a player when poke check lowered
-Goalie tuning to prevent some exploit shots
-Shot accuracy increased

-Puck control down decreased (still higher than pre-V1.03)
-Acceleration decreased
-Top skating speed increased
-Pass error decreased
-Pass speed increased

-Acceleration decreased slightly
-Puck control decreased (still higher than pre-V1.03)
-Deflections increased (same as EASHL/OTP now)

Offline (V1.03 only)
-Screen effect increased
-Range of acceleration slider increased. The lowest value is 25% lower than before the highest is the same.
-Deflections increased (same as EASHL/OTP n

Tuesday, February 2, 2010