Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Team Pensblog Roster/Ranking

Update: We are 372-343-41 and now ranked 8th in the world.

Here's the most recent roster as of this morning and it stands at 25 players who dominate. Make sure you add all these to your friends list ASAP.

#Pensblog NamePosPS3 GamertagCreated
11pensfan56RWajn24Alex Nemeth
16pensblog staffDarkham1212Derek Rocco
12AronCavadAron Vad
41crackerCbigtouristChris Huie
33juiceLWblackatomOwen Jones
1poker guruLWcougar300John Maleckar

darst5David Reinhart

17eze3484RWeze3484Eric Farrell
77DanDHankScorpio77Dan Komenda
93randallLWheavensentRandy Richter
20JaosDjaosJason Woodward
85canaanLWkaynaanCanaan Patragas
76ThefandanglerLWkevbo67Kevin Braun
7myrCmyyrdinAndy Harrell
28nate8724Cnate8724Nathan Keane
DPensCupChampsJim Kolovos
75smoCpittsmoAlan Smodic
90Zmijowski77RWPolishSteel77Marc Zmijowski
80big red dogCPorschekidClifford Laschon

RogueGames892Ryan Alayon
79paulDSamsaraPaul Clemente
0ChrisRWthejoker710Jay Wong
95tjenk6687DTJenk6687Todd Jenkins
4wildthing202RWwildthing202Chris Menn
10pens_mini66DZJedi945Zach Tyke

Monday, September 29, 2008

B-Squad Runnin'

We might have gotten picked last, but don't cry about it fatty. This shit is serious. It's your chance to shine.
We're 6-3-1 right now, and if you think you can make us better... email tmkst13@gmail.com and we'll get you invited.
Scouts are watching. I'm not saying you will get the call-up from the big club... hell I have no clue what those dudes are doing... but who knows what can happen.

Commit to the penguin

What a weekend, we started it from 98th place by aiming to reach .500
We ended it with a record of 351-331-38 ranked 10th overall. Not too shabby.

Some of you have been relegated to a B team, there's no other way to say it but it had to be done. If you haven't played 50 games by this point, you are just not commiting to the penguin.

We're starting a week in which the Penguins will play a regular season game, this is no time to mess around.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

B Team Created

Pensblog B team is up and ready.

Just need a GM.

Any takers?

PS3 Roster Freeze/Cuts/Minor League

Thanks for all the request, but right now we aren't taking any more players.

If someone would like to create a minor league team let us know and we'll spread the word.


There is no easy way around this, but lets face it.

It may be time to let some people go.

It is a video game after all, but a lot of us are playing more games then others, and we are approaching top ten in the world.

So starting this week, if your games played is anything under 30-40, you are subject to getting cut.

We want to be fair to everyone, so if it sounds like we are being dicks, just chill.

We want someone to start a minor league team or B team, so we can still keep this community together.
Please let us know.


Where exactly do you go to edit your online player's attributes? I still haven't figured that out, this is something everyone should know anyway.

Saturday, September 27, 2008


Working on getting a header for up top.

Could someone get us some photos?

Email them to:


Thanks for the memories coach

Paul Newman, aka, Reg Dunlop passed away. Be sure to have a moment of silence before games today for coach.



Hey lookie here; no crying babies, no red ring of death, no AAA team.....smells like team spirit in here...and i like it.

Here is the latest installment of per game stats as of Saturday morning. You must have played at least 50 games in order to be considered. Our record is 298-295-31 we are ranked 27 in Division 1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

1.32 blackatom
1.30 polish
1.22 kaynaan
1.09 kevbo
1.02 eze/heavensent

.84 kaynaan
.80 blackatom
.58 eze
.55 wildthing
.54 kevbo

.87 polish
.55 kevbo
.52 heavensent
.52 blackatom
.50 avad

16.41 jaos
14.54 samsara
13.92 nate
13.37 wildthing
12.76 ajn

Most PIM/gm
4.28 samsara
2.62 nate
2.44 jaos
2.01 ajn
1.78 kaynaan

Least PIM/gm
.74 heavensent
.79 blackatom
.89 eze
1.00 penscup
1.02 cougar

Best +/-/gm
.311 blackatom
.060 pittsmo
.055 wildthing
-.085 polish
-.100 heavensent

Worst +/-/gm
-.889 jaos
-.557 samsara
-.500 nate
-.470 avad
-.418 arkham

Friday, September 26, 2008


Team Xbox =Overrated