Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

New Members wanted...

Members...haha (inside joke, sorry)

  1. Have you ever wondered what it would be like to lace em up with the rest of the guys on The PensBlog PS3 EASHL franchise? Well now is your chance. Post your PSN ID, Name, Position, player type (sniper, playmaker, etc) in the comments for this post. Entering the the chat above isn't the best since only so many messages are saved.

  2. As some of you might have might have noticed I put together a quick new banner for our blog. It's not terrible but I think we can do better. I'd like to include as many of us as possible in it so start trying to grab your favorite screenshot and either I or someone that actually knows what they are doing with photoshop can put them into a kickass banner. Once again use the comments below to link to your photo.

  3. The 3rd order of business is to officially announce the opening of our brand new forum. A link is now available in the top left of the page. Big thanks to Zack for putting this together. Please take the time to register yourself and post away.

  4. These may have been posted somewhere on here already but I thought it'd be a nice refresher. The guys over at the EASHL Forum have a few good articles.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

NHL 09 Third Jersey Code Released

Bing's excited about it. As ZJedi posted in the chat box it is xe6377uyrwm48frf.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why can't we do this?

Was browsing the EASportsWorld website and thought I'd post a few of the better videos I watched. Feel free comment with some of your own videos if you want them to go on our big bad blog.

Monday, December 1, 2008

Team Stats

Here are our team stats. The first time numbers are the stats with out Division 1 rank from awhile back. 2nd are our current standings.

As promised I added some color.

As a bonus you get some commentary.

Points - 58th (2,726) - 45th (3,172) [Good, but I'd like to see us crack top 20 for EASHL Playoffs]
Wins - 3rd (861) - 4th (1,101) [Being #1 in GP should make us shoot for #1 in W's]
Losses - 1st (650) - 1st (745) [Kinda hard to avoid with all our games...but each one hurts for sure]
OT Losses - 1st (107) - 1st (139) [Ditto with losses]
Games Played - 1st (1,618) - 1st (1,985) [Gotta love our activity level]
Goals For - 7th (2,947) - 5th (3,841) [Wins are more important but good to see we can score if we need to]
Goals Against - 1st (2,879) - 1st (3,459) [Cheap goals happen but we are getting better with defense]
Avg. Goals For - 96th (1.82) - 90th (1.94) [Like the improvement but closer to 3 would be great]
Avg. Goals Against - 99th (1.70) - 99th (1.74) [Not showing in the stats yet but we're getting better]
Avg. Time on Attack - 75th (5:41) - 79th (5:50) [time has gone up while ranking has gone down]
Avg. Win Margin - 99th (1.66) - 93rd (1.79) [We may play down to our opponents at times]
Avg. Loss Margin - 82nd (2.10) - 79th (2.14) [stat has gotten worse but we are ranked higher]
Hits - 1st (48,374) - 1st (59,709) [We're tough, but hopefully getting smarter]
Avg. Hits - 11th (29) - 13th (30) [we hit more but our rank has gone down]
Avg Shots For - 51st (17) - 40th (17) [number hasn't changed but our rank has gone up]
Shooting % - 90th (10.3%) - 87th (10.9%) [The real Pens are good with this...I'd like to see this improve]
Penalty Minutes - 1st (9,128) - 1st (11,531) [Our PK % isn't great...staying away from the sin bin may help]
Avg. PIM - 7th (5) - 14th (5) [number hasn't changed but our rank has gone down]
Power Play Goals - 4th (491) - 4th (644) [Solid number but we can do better]
PP Opportunities - 2nd (2,802) - 1st (3,478) [We like to piss teams off I guess]
PP % - 97th (17.5%) - 93rd (18.5%) [We're on the right track tons of room for improvement]
Shorthanded Goals - 7th (228) - 6th (308) [For as many times as we are on the PK...scoring helps]
SHG Against - 1st (179) - 1st (222) [The other team scores on 8% of out PP...gotta get better]
PPG Against - 1st (573) - 1st (691) [An improved PK and less penalties will fix this quickly]
Times Shorthanded - NA - 1st (4,016) [I missed this stat before but wow...big number]
Penalty Kill % - 79th (82.3%) - 82nd (82.8%) [has improved if even ranking doesn't show...lets keep it up]
Faceoffs Won - 1st (20,546) - 1st (25,139) [Lots of games = lots of faceoffs, if you aren't winning at least 45% of your faceoffs you probably shouldn't be C]
Breakaway Goals - 4th (92) - 3rd (143) [Cheese has helped but a patch would hurt this]
Breakaway % - 59th (11.7%) - 59th (13%) [Ditto]
One-Timer Goals - 23rd (201) - 22nd (341) [this is what good teams do...I like cheese free goals]
One-Timer % - 76th (6.3%) - 81st (7.2%) [higher % but lower ranking]
Avg. Passes - 80th (115) - 80th (116) [better barely...would love to see this improve]
Pass % - 54th (77.1%) - 50th (77.2%) [only thing better than more passes is smarter passing]
Blocks - 1st (9015) - 1st (10,824) [I like the number and the further away from the net we can make these blocks the better]
Shutouts - 3rd (344) - 2nd (444) [Solid...if they can't score we can't lose]