Friday, January 30, 2009

What the Hell is your name!?

Smo Dick and myself were wondering about who had AiM, so that we would be able to chat and plan things. So if you happen to have the AiM and use the Al Gore put your S/N in the CBlog or you can sent it to me in a PM on facebook.


Paul said...

I hate AIM but I am:



Paul said...

BTW ..

Nate is a homo-sonic fail-train.

byeskey said...

it's the same as my main handle on ps3.

Juice said...

hey whoever does the stats do it this way:
online > community > leaderboards
then hold L1 and focus on skaters
then hold R1 and focus on friends skaters
that will give you the actual games played as a skater and thus will not count goalie games against a skaters PPG
if you just go to my club and sort it that way goalie games are included thus not giving you accurate stats

TheFandangler said...

Fuck you.

Paul said...

Math make Paul angry!!

canaan said...


im never on it.

suck it.

legend card.


wildthing202 said...

Mine is wtfmachine202

BTW - Mole is using a second account for this team his name is dmitriynyr9
so add him asap.

jerrrrrry [6 R's] said...