Monday, December 1, 2008

Team Stats

Here are our team stats. The first time numbers are the stats with out Division 1 rank from awhile back. 2nd are our current standings.

As promised I added some color.

As a bonus you get some commentary.

Points - 58th (2,726) - 45th (3,172) [Good, but I'd like to see us crack top 20 for EASHL Playoffs]
Wins - 3rd (861) - 4th (1,101) [Being #1 in GP should make us shoot for #1 in W's]
Losses - 1st (650) - 1st (745) [Kinda hard to avoid with all our games...but each one hurts for sure]
OT Losses - 1st (107) - 1st (139) [Ditto with losses]
Games Played - 1st (1,618) - 1st (1,985) [Gotta love our activity level]
Goals For - 7th (2,947) - 5th (3,841) [Wins are more important but good to see we can score if we need to]
Goals Against - 1st (2,879) - 1st (3,459) [Cheap goals happen but we are getting better with defense]
Avg. Goals For - 96th (1.82) - 90th (1.94) [Like the improvement but closer to 3 would be great]
Avg. Goals Against - 99th (1.70) - 99th (1.74) [Not showing in the stats yet but we're getting better]
Avg. Time on Attack - 75th (5:41) - 79th (5:50) [time has gone up while ranking has gone down]
Avg. Win Margin - 99th (1.66) - 93rd (1.79) [We may play down to our opponents at times]
Avg. Loss Margin - 82nd (2.10) - 79th (2.14) [stat has gotten worse but we are ranked higher]
Hits - 1st (48,374) - 1st (59,709) [We're tough, but hopefully getting smarter]
Avg. Hits - 11th (29) - 13th (30) [we hit more but our rank has gone down]
Avg Shots For - 51st (17) - 40th (17) [number hasn't changed but our rank has gone up]
Shooting % - 90th (10.3%) - 87th (10.9%) [The real Pens are good with this...I'd like to see this improve]
Penalty Minutes - 1st (9,128) - 1st (11,531) [Our PK % isn't great...staying away from the sin bin may help]
Avg. PIM - 7th (5) - 14th (5) [number hasn't changed but our rank has gone down]
Power Play Goals - 4th (491) - 4th (644) [Solid number but we can do better]
PP Opportunities - 2nd (2,802) - 1st (3,478) [We like to piss teams off I guess]
PP % - 97th (17.5%) - 93rd (18.5%) [We're on the right track tons of room for improvement]
Shorthanded Goals - 7th (228) - 6th (308) [For as many times as we are on the PK...scoring helps]
SHG Against - 1st (179) - 1st (222) [The other team scores on 8% of out PP...gotta get better]
PPG Against - 1st (573) - 1st (691) [An improved PK and less penalties will fix this quickly]
Times Shorthanded - NA - 1st (4,016) [I missed this stat before but wow...big number]
Penalty Kill % - 79th (82.3%) - 82nd (82.8%) [has improved if even ranking doesn't show...lets keep it up]
Faceoffs Won - 1st (20,546) - 1st (25,139) [Lots of games = lots of faceoffs, if you aren't winning at least 45% of your faceoffs you probably shouldn't be C]
Breakaway Goals - 4th (92) - 3rd (143) [Cheese has helped but a patch would hurt this]
Breakaway % - 59th (11.7%) - 59th (13%) [Ditto]
One-Timer Goals - 23rd (201) - 22nd (341) [this is what good teams do...I like cheese free goals]
One-Timer % - 76th (6.3%) - 81st (7.2%) [higher % but lower ranking]
Avg. Passes - 80th (115) - 80th (116) [better barely...would love to see this improve]
Pass % - 54th (77.1%) - 50th (77.2%) [only thing better than more passes is smarter passing]
Blocks - 1st (9015) - 1st (10,824) [I like the number and the further away from the net we can make these blocks the better]
Shutouts - 3rd (344) - 2nd (444) [Solid...if they can't score we can't lose]


cracker said...

nice to see we are climbing to a respectable spot again.

however.. (and i know im about to get flamed for this). i feel uncomfortable with the way we are running our offense.

passing is being exchanged for cheese. we are scoring a LOT of goals with that skate right at the post, have the goalie do something retarded, then bury it in the upper close hand corner.

im not saying that isnt occassionally a good goal, or appropriate if the defense gives it up. but we are not taking open shots or good passing lanes into the slot, and instead going for that goal line cheese.

obviously, im not complaining about winning :) im just saying we cant be too critical when we see teams start doing some of that weak shit against us. like turning your back against the goalie on a breakaway.

having said that, our defense has gotten a LOT better lately, and think that has just as much to do with our success lately. i played 3 games last night (3-0) where i dont believe we gave up over 10 shots in any of them.

also, if someone else cheeses us first, by all means, unleash hell.

and if im just being a little bitch, im sure im about to hear it :)


TJenk6687 said...

KING of the PIM!!!!

wildthing202 said...

Kinda big here if we're thinking playoffs.

Gotta crack top 20 around Jan. 30

byeskey said...

I'm certainly holding onto hope that we can crack the top 20 but to do that we're going to have to step up our game even more.

Since there is nothing published about the ranked we can only work from assumptions. I've read that teams get more points with the more players that play. I'm thinking we really need to avoid playing with only 2, 3 sometimes, and 4 or more most of the time.

I've also read it's especially helpful to have a human goalie. I know a few of you have dabbled between the pipes but I don't believe we really have any true goalies...should be pursue this? Maybe some tryouts in private team play before bringing them onto the roster.

I've also read that individual grades effect the scores. So even as fun as it was, our easy victories last night might have been better for our rankings had we avoided all the unnecessary penalties.

Just throwing that out there. I'm all up for having fun but these are going to possibly be some of the things we'll need to look at in order to climb the rankings if we so chose.

The said...

I'm still alive... I promise.

TheFandangler said...

The above comment was posted by me... I dunno what the hell I was logged in as.

Paul said...

Times Shorthanded - NA - 1st (4,016) [I missed this stat before but wow...big number]

Paul Explosion has attributed 4,000 to this number.

Besides those 2 total brawl games two nights ago. I have made a huge effort to keep myself under control, and my stats, and grades have skyrocketed.

wildthing202 said...

I'm on vacation from the 8th to the 17th and I'm not bringing the PS3 with me, so you guys are on your own for the week and 1/2. Don't miss me too much.

byeskey said...

Geez...the only thing worse than "Too much Menn" is "Not enough Menn."

Oh well, we'll try to hold it down without ya. I'll be on vacation from December 18th to January 4th, but no fear, my vacation is in Pittsburgh and I will have my PS3.

Jan 13th-20th though I'll be in the bahamas and ps3 less.

Aron said...

nice job guys! Playoff push