Sunday, February 8, 2009

Just in case you did not see.....

From The PenBlog:

We are officially cutting ties with the XBOX Pensblog Pros Team.
Various reports have come in stating that they are glitchers and juicers and jokes.

If you don't know what that means, there are unwritten rules when playing NHL 09 in the EASHL.

Don't take advantage of glitch goals, meaning you consistently try to score goals via a computer glitch that gives the puck a higher-percentage chance of going in. If the opportunity is there, yeah, job a goal. But don't just go for the same two plays the entire game.

And don't be a juicer. A glitch was discovered on XBOX where you can manipulate a couple of your XBOX profiles in order to boost all of your player's attributes to 99, making you unrealistically fast compared to everyone else, let alone your shot power and shot accuracy...and everything else.

The former PROS team was accused of and caught doing both of these. They also took advantage of the PAUSE glitch, where if you're losing at the end of the game, you can press pause with no time left, and it freezes the game, effectually making your loss in the current game not count in your overall record.

Thankfully, the big turds on the PROS team started another team from scratch, thinking they could take advantage of all the aforementioned glitches to work their way up the ranks.

The XBOX AAA team played the newly founded PENSBLOG TEAM and uncovered all of their jobbing ways. The AAA team dominated them, their captain dropped out during the game, and they pause-glitched at the end.

If you want in on the entire situation, visit the new and improved XBOX TEAM PENSBLOG.

The old PROS website can be found at:

Also two little side notes, first I am looking for a flash file to use as the header. If you have something that I can have to edit and make it our own let me know. Second the Primanti's meeting did not happen today and I think it should be made at least 1 month in advance to make sure people can go so let me know of a date in March that you guys would want to go. Game dates in March on weekends are every Sunday and the 14th and the 28 which are Saturdays. 


Aron said...


wildthing202 said...

Sounds like a team we played last night, the Glitchers except they sucked at it.

TheFandangler said...

Since tPB is filled with fucking homo's now, they forced me to do this.


Yeah, you guys are all high and mighty on yourselves. The funniest part about that is you're the original problem with c-blog. The mind numbing garbage (you refer to is as "talking hockey") that gets generated between most of you guys is just sad. You guys all come on here and go c-blog is gay now... boo hoo. You should hear the penblog guys talk about you. We play NHL 09' at night and there have been many times where everyone just lays into you and says they can't take the shit anymore because of the people that have posted above this. I think it's awfully funny that you guys, that all came on here around the same time, stick together and hate on the new people for the dumb stuff they put into existence when you do the exact same thing.

Don't get me wrong. There are some here that have a legitimate understanding of the game and team. Being a hockey fan my whole life has made me hate trying to talk hockey on the internet. I'll usually just post some random shit that people I talk to outside would understand. On the occasion I try to post something constructive to convey my thoughts about a pens game or whatever hockey related, it gets shit on by this worthless drivel that gets created by you guys. I don't take anything most of you say seriously for the fact I'd be a retard to do that. I'm probably wasting my finger strength typing this because you're all too thick headed to look past yourself on an internet message board.

I'm not saying go away. I'm not really saying anything besides you should hold yourself as accountable as you do the newest people. You guys obviously have fun here and that's great for you but don't discount yourselves. You all feel this is your message board and no one else is welcome. Well I'm sorry to say that this site is pretty big now and that's going to bring in a lot of new people and a lot of fair weather pens fans.

You can hide out on the old blogger or jump off the same bridge everyone else is. Either way, how about understanding that every time you try to rip on the new guys or whatever you try to do collectively you're ripping on yourselves. The only problem with that is you're all on the same raft and you fail to see these things when it's your friends/internet friends posting the crap.

(I don't care enough to make sure this is spell checked)

2/09/2009 4:15 AM

Pens_MINI66 said...

RoflCopter! That is sooo freaking true. I used to post and actually read the stuff on there many years ago it seems. Anymore I can not read the shit that they post, I just look for Kev's post and it makes me laugh.

Nate8724 said...

We may have our difference TBP however one thing is for sure is that people who glitch like that not only in NHL 09 but in any game for that matter are nothing more than a bunch of over weight fags who play video games all day adn night and spend the time to try to find the glitches in the games.

canaan said...