Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Primanti's Take Two!

The Primanti's meeting did not happen and I think it should be made at least 1 month in advance to make sure people can go so let me know of a date in March that you guys would want to go. Game dates in March on weekends are every Sunday and the 14th and the 28 which are Saturdays. So let's pick a date and make a plan so that our farther out memebers (AKA Paul) can figure out what they are doing. 


canaan said...

sitnamrip kcuf

TheFandangler said...

Fuck it...then puke it up.

Paul said...

I would fuck a Primani's sammich.

canaan said...

i would watch those proceedings.

Pens_MINI66 said...

Well its up to people if they would want to go or not. I am just posting this since a few members talked about doing a primanti's run, thats all.

TheFandangler said...

Geeze, Zach. Don't ram it down our throats.

Pens_MINI66 said...

Sorry if it hurts too much.

wildthing202 said...

Last game before the patch was 12-0.

"Exploit fixes:

-Prevent players from entering games with attributes that are raised beyond the level they can reach with the card they are entitled to have. Players who have elevated their attributes this way should reset their character by changing the type and reassigning their points.
-Limit the size of human goalies in OTP/EASHL games to 6'4" (NOTE: it will still allow them to be set larger, but the actual height in game will not go above the new limit).
-Fixed some problems that could cause the game to hang or go out of sync when pausing.
- Prevent use of LB to get up instantly after being knocked over.
-Reduce accuracy of shooting while using vision control to skate backwards.
-Prevent high, accurate slap shots from in close to the net.

Other changes:

-Reduced the ease of beating the goalie on the short side.
-Decrease the tendency of the goalies to use a desperation save unnecessarily.
- Strict calling of interference, though you can still clear players directly in front of the net without getting called for interference.
-Added stick lift to Classic controls using LB+X(XBox) /L1+Square(PS3). It is also on R3 (press Right Stick).
-Fixed shot targeting using the Always Up control when skating down ice.
-Added new NHL rule to locate face- offs in the attacking zone to start a powerplay.
- Prevent CPU players from getting delay of game penalties frequently while clearing the puck from their zone.
- Prevent puck from being poke checked away from the goalie when he has it covered under his glove.
-Reduced the amount of time it takes to get control of the last man back, holding RT(Xbox)/R2(PS3)
-Reduced the amount of time it takes to get control of the goalie, holding LB+A(Xbox)/L1+X(PS3)
-Reduce the range of heights on randomly generated CPU players, including goalies.
- Eliminate the ability to accelerate and maintain high speed which stick lifting.
-More penalties for high sticking when stick lifts are done from behind the opponent.
- Made the colours of the OTP/EASHL indicators more distinct (yellow and orange).
-Made face-off outcomes slightly more random and slightly less dependent on attributes.
- Added assistance to prevent one-timer and shot attempts from leading to accidental hits and interference penalties.
-Goalie tuning to increase goal-scoring a bit to compensate for taking away the easy short-side high goals.
-Improve hit stat tracking to not count all of the small bumps in front of the net.
-Increased injuries caused by CPU teams.
-Prevent puck from being launched with very high speed following a hit.
-AI tuning for superstar. The Aggression slider now affects how intense the CPU team is on that difficulty level."

Nate8724 said...

Wow you guys are even biggers losers than I thought to drive from a far distance to meet people you met on a video game holy shit. You guys are just absolute fags. Don't you have real friends or a family? Then again you guys are grown ass men playting video games so I guess not.

TheFandangler said...

Lol, yeah...

Nate you're the only one here that's a grown ass faggot trying to rip on us. You're the joke that went on and on about how much better than us you are and you turned out to be wrong there so why would you ever be right?

It sounds to me like you're more upset than anything. I don't know if you read anything correctly either. It's just an idea...

I don't see anything that says people who interact and talk about a lot of stupid shit that we all think is funny, can't be friends.

So go back to smearing that dick puke into your pubes some more.

canaan said...

puke smear pubes

nate, hows the wedding plans going with you and cougar?

Nate8724 said...

Ok you are right I mean some normal people meet people in real life and some other people like you losers turn to the internet

byeskey said...

Nate = joke that never ends

canaan said...

...and others can't even find friendship on the internet and resort to feeling decimated when they aren't accepted by an online hockey club.


(hint: i'm talking about you, dumb dick)

Paul said...

Nate = Fail

How do you expect to climb out of D4 when you guys can only play after school for an hour.

Nate8724 said...

i dont need friends online i have real life friends theey are so much better than internet friends you fags should try to gert them but it may be hard cause usually people avoid losers like you

canaan said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
canaan said...


nate, quit snowballing with cougar and get a fucking life, get an education, go out and get laid, and for fuck's sake, get your act together, you lame as fuck, shit eater.

TheFandangler said...


What's it like being left out of everything?


The Sharpest thing your parents let you have is Cougar's "penis".

canaan said...

kevbo, my facebook pic is hoover =)

canaan said...