Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Ohhhhh good times

Chris being a bitch.....

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My team is going through this right now, had one bad day last week and despite having a couple of decent days they're calling for my head. We're 50-18 on the month but yet it doesn't seem to be good enough. Team dysfunction is fun.
Update: Apparently doing nothing for a month in a half equates to blackmail and sucking the fun out of the game. This kind of came out of the blue since nobody seemed to have a problem for 3 months until Sunday where it apparently reach the boiling point. I believe they just want to cut me again like last year in December for having a bad stretch of games and brought me back within 2 weeks but this time they can't do it since I'm the owner. They're not bad guys but they can be ******ed sometimes.
I just want to play but man this is too much drama for a freaking game

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dude, get over yourself. Team Pensblog was never meant to be "your team." we ran the team last year as a group. You were the first person to make the team this year and you annointed yourself "owner" which is absolutely hilarious. We put up with it because it was too stupid to argue about. We should've stopped it back then. It was never your team--get it through your thick skull.

You're not good enough to be throwing people under the bus and cutting people, not to mention making posts on our team page berating the player you cut. People see you online and sign off so they dont have to play with you.

getover yourself, clown shoes.

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