Wednesday, June 1, 2011


Season Ticket Holder First Star of the Week

Congratulations to this week’s First Star of the Week BJ Radhe (Pictured far right with his friends Charles, Mat, and Amber)

FSOW 06-1-11 v1Name: BJ Radhe
Hometown: Fulton, MD
Favorite Caps Player: Now - John Carlson, Old School – Alan May
Favorite Caps Moment: Watching the Caps win the Conference Finals against Buffalo. We stayed around for the players to return and a group of fans was on hand to congratulate the team in winning and going to play in the Stanley Cup finals.
Why should you be the First Star of the Week: I have been a Caps fan for all my life and I used to attend games as a kid at the Cap Centre, and I had an Alan May jersey that is now signed and framed at my house. Each year I live and breathe the Caps and have introduced new fans over the years. I also have Caps shoes that I customized in NYC to be only worn on Game Day of course.


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