Saturday, September 27, 2008


Hey lookie here; no crying babies, no red ring of death, no AAA team.....smells like team spirit in here...and i like it.

Here is the latest installment of per game stats as of Saturday morning. You must have played at least 50 games in order to be considered. Our record is 298-295-31 we are ranked 27 in Division 1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

1.32 blackatom
1.30 polish
1.22 kaynaan
1.09 kevbo
1.02 eze/heavensent

.84 kaynaan
.80 blackatom
.58 eze
.55 wildthing
.54 kevbo

.87 polish
.55 kevbo
.52 heavensent
.52 blackatom
.50 avad

16.41 jaos
14.54 samsara
13.92 nate
13.37 wildthing
12.76 ajn

Most PIM/gm
4.28 samsara
2.62 nate
2.44 jaos
2.01 ajn
1.78 kaynaan

Least PIM/gm
.74 heavensent
.79 blackatom
.89 eze
1.00 penscup
1.02 cougar

Best +/-/gm
.311 blackatom
.060 pittsmo
.055 wildthing
-.085 polish
-.100 heavensent

Worst +/-/gm
-.889 jaos
-.557 samsara
-.500 nate
-.470 avad
-.418 arkham


eze3484 said...

And my Mom said I'd never amount to anything

Paul said...

Man I need to step up my ass whoopings if Jaos is beating me in hits per game!

My - per dropped in half since last posting.

I think I am the only enforcer role in EASHL. lol

Commit to the .500.


Juice said...

I'm going to repost this on this updated stats post just to emphasize:
i am getting rather tired of fucking horrible dmen that give up 5 breakaways a game
i am going to sound like a broken ass record to some of you but...
there is no such thing as an offensive defenseman in the game, STOP TRYING TO FUCKING SCORE IF YOU ARE A D MAN. IF YOU WANT TO FUCKING SCORE BE A FORWARD.

eze3484 said...

go buy an xbox

Paul said...

who is horrible?

TheFandangler said...

Fro last post:


Give me lessons.

...There are some guys that are horrible. I don't remember names and it's better not to say. Sometimes I find myself playing defense and trying to stop odd man rushes when I play center. That's fine if the D makes a play, it's not fine if the D are down behind the opposing teams net to hit guys and when it happens all game long.

jaos said...

i think those who play d pay the most in +/- ratings (at least I hope so). My hits are good but I'm working on not taking so many dumb ass penalties... i've seen so many dumb penalties were you cross check while your trying to pass/shoot (both o and dmen).

And I agree about defensive players who rush the opposing net rather than covering the ass. I don't understand why unless you end up playing d b/c all of the forward positions are taken. I've played wing and felt equally out of place after so much time logged playing d.

However, I have to give praise to those forwards to are defensive minded enough to try and cover the boards and high slot instead of just cheating up the ice. That is equally as annoying as defensive players playing behind the opposing teams net.

TJenk6687 said...

Damn... I was at 49 games... must play more... Damn.