Monday, September 29, 2008

B-Squad Runnin'

We might have gotten picked last, but don't cry about it fatty. This shit is serious. It's your chance to shine.
We're 6-3-1 right now, and if you think you can make us better... email and we'll get you invited.
Scouts are watching. I'm not saying you will get the call-up from the big club... hell I have no clue what those dudes are doing... but who knows what can happen.


Anonymous said...

Word is I got cut while out of town for work. So I'm ready to be a big part of the Baby Pensbloggers... Friday when I get home.

Jimmy McGuire
LW or D when wingers are taken.

Send me an invite and friend requests and Ill see yall Friday afternoon.

Paul said...

I'm sure they will ship me down soon enought, lol.