Monday, September 29, 2008

Commit to the penguin

What a weekend, we started it from 98th place by aiming to reach .500
We ended it with a record of 351-331-38 ranked 10th overall. Not too shabby.

Some of you have been relegated to a B team, there's no other way to say it but it had to be done. If you haven't played 50 games by this point, you are just not commiting to the penguin.

We're starting a week in which the Penguins will play a regular season game, this is no time to mess around.


Smo said...

Fuckin' right. I had 9 goals, 5 assists in 5 games last night. My best performance by far.

Too bad we lost to that What The Puck team that is ranked in the top 5.

They weren't real impressive, though.

Anonymous said...

biggest mistake dropping me from the A team...put me on the B team now...psn:cdubbs029

Poker Guru said...

The overall team performance as a whole has gone up nicely in the past week or so. Some of the dead weight dropping out has probably helped as well. :)

Seriously - a run at #1 should certainly be possible.

Try to limit your dumb penalties, it seems like that is part of the equation (when I looked, the top teams had a low # penalties per game).

In general, the numbers that are shown as team stats - they are probably all factored in somehow, but just looking at what some of them are should give you some insight as to what to strive to do/not do.

Nate8724 said...

i no man we have been killin everything is going up my plus minus has gone down 15 points and it just keeps goin up it seems that way with alot of people as i look down the team stats i havent been lookin at other teams in the top five cause it hasnt even been within reach but now it is and o boy i looks great

by the way the worst aspect of my game is bad penalties i am like 4th on the team in penalty minutes per game thats needs to be fixed and i will try my best to fix that im comin up on my 100th point if anyones caresa though so that is a big plus

Nate8724 said...

although i must say most of my assists come from throwing the puck cross ice for a one timer in front and jusat the oppisite anytime i go into the zone on the rush and drive the net hitting the shoot button which in tern hits some1 drawing a penalty and the same as in the zone in front of the net the AI hits you all day long then u look at them and they go flying through the air getting nate a penalty

Aron said...

also, i'll be de-friending those that were cut. Nothing personal, but i only want to see those on the team listed to make things easier.

byeskey said...

Cold blooded. I think I'm approaching 50 games right about now so I hope I've earned my spot on the team. I'd play all night if I could but stupid work makes we wake up early in the morning.

I really wish there was a site out there that posted our stats...with all the other stuff they have (videos, photos) you'd think it would be available.

byeskey said...

following on aron's post...can someone post an updated team list?

Aron said...

i'll have an updated roster tomorrow brian.

byeskey said...
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Anonymous said...

Somewhat normal roster updates for both teams would be wicked. Ill help with the Baby Bloggers since I'm sure I'm cut from being out of town for work. No worries. Oh well Vegas is worth it I guess. ha

Paul said...

I am the king of stupid penalties, and they do hurt the teams sometimes.

BUT just like in real life hockey, if you pick a guy (ONLY if you are up on the score) and f-with him the whole game, his focus will not be on scoring but to hit you constantly. If they throw down, their best guy is off the ice for 5.

Sometimes if works and sometimes not. You can tell right away what frustration level they are at, and what you can get away with.