Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Hockey: Back to Basics

We're 643-523-79 ranked 92 in Div 2. That's a whole ball of suck, i don't even want to get into.

Nothing too complicated here. Find your position, and learn where you need to be in the Defensive zone. As you can see there is only a small area where you should be overlapping and double teaming. Keep this in mind and adhere to these when you play, and you'll notice a big difference.


Paul said...

I was pissed last night ...

We were playing MOST WANTED a top 5 team, and my power goes out.


TheFandangler said...

We've been losing to teams we usually shit on.

It's really bad to watch us play now... it really feels way different. I don't know why I blow ass now and can only make passes and not know what it's like to score a goal anymore.

I guess just thinking a little more can't hurt us. Positioning can help but it won't make a huge difference.just pay attention to where your guys and their guys are and adjust accordingly.

Paul said...

I think positioning is a HUGE key. I've played with other people not used to D, and they stand in front of me, or screen our own goalie.

One thing I notice most of the time is when the other team is cycling and forechecking, we have all 5 of our guys in front of our net hacking away.

If our center plays up front. One D to clear the crease/eliminate the one-timer. One d- pressuring. Wings getting rid of the point we should be unstoppable.

Our offensive rush is usually pretty amazing, but we never contain the puck after the initial rush. It's usually all or nothing (like the Steelers D).

I was maybe thinking about playing Center tonight for one game, and being the big ass standing in front of the net. No one can move me, and maybe I can tip one in.

Who knows. Pubes. Zombie Chereponov. Mizzenmast.

Smo said...

I played three last night. We went 3-0 and shut out the team each time. I scored 11 points.

Then my connection screwed up and I was too lazy to restart the ps3. Yeah, I know.

I'll see you fools tonight.

Paul said...

If anything Team B hates us I think. They are ready to overtake us, from what they say. Check it out.


Dan said...

a big part of d is to force the puck to the outside. that means staying in front (not directly in front) of the net and forcing the puck to the outside to give the opponent poor shooting lanes.

Paul said...

This is from Pensblog AAA:

Aw Hell Naw!
Some research done by syniper (duff) on the seemingly random ranking system:
Ranking Rumors:


you need about 4 wins for each loss to move up

on average wins = 20 points, on average losses = -70 points


The more people playing in a game has an effect on the points earned/loss


The grades of each player playing in a game has an effect on the points earned/loss


A shut out has an effect on the points earned/loss


"I have a theory. The computer player skill attributes are an average of of the human players. Perhaps the goalie attributes are averaged from our goalie skill points as well???

Do we all have our goalie skill points applied?"

So just in case this is right (which it very well could be since our computer players always suck) apply all your points including goalie points just in case.

Nate8724 said...

Ok first of all really none of us have been great over this past week. Myself included. So I was thinking. Just like real hockey I see alot of goals for the other team in 2 places.

1. On the rush the players cut in front and wrist it past the goalie every time. SO the D and the center (me) need to try to stay high more and not give him time to wind up.

2. Just like in real hockey goala come from failed oppertunities to get the puck out. I no that when the D gets the puck all three forwards shoot out of the zone lookin for a pass. Then the D fails to get it out and the other team slams it in. So if your a D you ABSOLUTELY HAVE TO GET THE PUCK OUT. Just the same forwards (me) we need to make sure the D has a shot to get the puck out before we leave the zone. I no I do it all the time but I always on other teams goals see just the D in our zone because the forwards are looking for a pass that is not there

Just my opinion but I thin kthats is our problems. Plz give response to what you think

Nate8724 said...

Also D on of the simplist and mosat effective plays on a break out is the D to D pass. Litteraly EVERY team uses it. It draws teams out of position so easily.