Monday, October 6, 2008


EA Sports, it's in the game. I guess Saturday night would be the equivalent of a lockout since the servers were out all night. Frustration city. Our current record as of this morning is 462-392-49 and we are in 26th place for some reason. Not sure how/when we dropped from 8th to 20th...and now 26th, if anyone has any clue...rant in the comments section.

Also, i might be on the DL with an angry wife. Typical recovery is anywhere from 2 to 7 days.

1.41 blackatom
1.39 polishsteel
1.33 kevbo67
1.23 kaynaan
1.15 eze4384

.88 blackatom
.78 kaynaan
.74 kevbo67
.64 pittsmo
.62 eze4384

.87 polishsteel
.59 kevbo67
.58 heavensent
.55 bigtourist
.54 avad

17.01 samsara
16.32 jaos
15.44 Tjenk
14.51 nate
12.57 wildthing

Most PIM/gm
5.16 samsara
2.88 nate
2.24 jaos
2.08 ajn24
2.05 devilwoacause

Least PIM/gm
.80 blackatom
.89 eze4384
.95 heavensent
1.00 bigtourist
1.09 penscupchamps

Best +/-/gm
.414 bigtouris
.352 blackatom
.333 devilwoacause
.228 pittsmo
.125 wildthing

Worst +/-/gm
-.647 jaos
-.427 samsara
-.400 avad
-.318 ajn
-.280 nate


Aron said...

apparently going 41-25-3 drops you 18 places..who knew.

cracker said...

its prob a combination of who the losses/wins were against, and how many players were in each game. if its true that 2 player games dont get you points, and thats where our wins were, then the record isnt quite as good as it looks.

regardless, 41-25-3 is not the record of a top10 team. i think we'll bounce back, the games i was playing in kept being decided by 1 goal, and we were running teams over, just not getting the goals we normally do.

Poker Guru said...

I think the 2-player games, although counting in the stats/record, really ding you on the points, and thus the ranking.

If our goal really is to be a top x team, then we should thinking about telling everyone not to play unless you have at least 3 players, otherwise the ranking gets killed.

If we're just playing and letting the chips fall where they may, then it doesn't matter.

We just need to decide what it is exactly that we are shooting for.

eze3484 said...

I say we shoot for having fun and let the chips fall where they may.

I mean, how many people are going around saying, "Have you played NHL09 yet? Oh yeah, my team is ranked in the top 10. Hey, where are you going? Yeah yeah, we'll talk more about it later..."

Paul said...

lol @ Eric.

It does seem we win more games when we laugh, and play looser. It was a brutal weekend.

Play you positions, and don't chase the puck.

Commit to the .500?

jaos said...

we did very well this weekend overall. I think we lost some games on friday to some high ranked teams and that had the biggest effect on our ranking as we helped their stats while hurting ours.

wildthing202 said...

So beating a 6 man team 4-2 with only two guys doesn't help? That sucks.

Paul said...

Anyone have an idea on who are two best line combos are?

Not to hurt anyone's feelings but I think it would be interesting on who thinks who plays the best at a certain position.


LW Kevbo
C Polish
RW BLackAtom
LD Samsara
RD Derek


LW Too Much Mann
C Eric
RW Pittsmo
LD Jaos
RD (cant think who else plays D)

Aron said...

can i be a plugger on the third line?

Poker Guru said...

I played a couple games last week with heavensent - we generated to damn much offense it was ridiculous. We got like 30 shots a game, and won both. TONS of scoring chances - both of us were looking to make plays instead of the usual crashing. That was fun. :)

wildthing202 said...

We have a couple options for the 4th D-Man: T-Jenk, Tyke, Cups, or HankScorpio.

Granted the A & B teams may not mesh well together, they are the best but people have different styles of play and so you might need to switch lines unless the A or B team plays solid together as a unit.

jaos said...

paul i'm RD

Paul said...

Am I the only LD?

byeskey said...

After being gone for an extended weekend I look forward to jumping back into the mix this week. Being a +.333/game has to mean something :). When I stopped playing Wednesday we were #8 so I'll take the heat for not being there to help the team maintain that ranking.

My best positions are probably RW, C, RD in that order. Just like in real life a feel kind of out of place on the left side. I can handle's just an adjustment.

So has anyone found anything describing how rankings on this league works? I don't see why EA doesn't have a site (maybe they are working on it) that handles these types of FAQs and also publishes statistics.

jaos said...

i know... i wish you could find the ranking system plainly laid out rather than all of the guessing going on.

Paul said...

I emailed EA directly, and they said there is no "official" outline for points in EASHL. There was a glitch at the beginning where they were giving too many points for particular wins (not sure what that means).

TheFandangler said...


I took a few nights off as well. If our being absent was the reason for the ranking slide the team would have to be pretty bad. Fortunately that is not the case and it just shows EZ has to fail somewhere with everything good.

TJenk6687 said...

I prefer Left D - but if I do play with the master, I have no problem switching to Right D - It is fun seeing Hell Unleashed!!!

TJenk6687 said...

By the way... who is on the DL with a cranky wife? Trust me... that can be chronic... it is tough to overcome and in fact there just may be no known cure.

TJenk6687 said...

No outline for points... what do they do then? Roll dice? Hogwash. There has to be a formula - they just don't want to give the details.

cracker said...

ive been monitoring this thread for an answer on the point system:

somebody mentions that they may be using the ELO system:

Aron said...

i'm (avad) the one on the DL... should reclassify that IR now. It's not looking good.

jaos said...

sorry to hear that aron.

Paul said...

Jaos heard the madness at my house last night, it was almost embarrassing. It put me out for the remainder of the night.

Todd ... me the master? ... maybe of retarded penalties. I have been behaving more lately, but now no one will fight me. 38-12 record BTW whoop, whoop!

TheFandangler said...

It's late now but I meant EA****

TJenk6687 said...

Aron, hope it isn't the NFL IR?