Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Videos yo

eze 3484 dangle

First of all how did you slow it down like that? nice job. Second, the defending on that play is criminal.

Randy(heavensent) with the OT game winner


Randall said...

I would just like to add... with a nice assist to whoever that was. I forget now who it was, but he made it all happen.

Let's get this party started.

Paul said...


I was in alot of games where everyone was chasing the puck and not playing their zone. This pic (if it works) is a reminder of where to play. Other teams that seem to do it, succeed more often.

Don't get me wrong we kick much ass, but sometimes we all chase the puck too often.

Paul said...

I love you all.



Commit to the .666

TheFandangler said...

I can't save any of my videos because all of the good highlights are too long. It'll start in the neutral zone with a stick lift steal, turn it the other way and dangle a few gay jobbers on their team, get to the net and throw one more deke for the goal. If I try to save that you'd see the red light turn on and that's about it.

Aron said...

we need more red light videos, so get em can leave a description of the damage you did before that point.

pensfan56 said...

Wonder how everyone is connected wired or wireless. If your wireless what kind of router I have a d-link i just don't think its fast enough. I had a hell of a time last night with lag and connection so if I can reduce it with a new router I will just let me know. -ajn24

TheFandangler said...


Some routers seem to work just fine wireless for me mine was a little laggy sometimes. If it's within reason, just buy a long ethernet cable and wire ps3 directly to your router. The game has been unreal since I've done this.

Paul said...

I am hard wired, it is worth it even if you have a huge cable to hide when you are not playing. Long spools of ethernet cable are not expensive at all.

wildthing202 said...

Has anyone else noticed the 3rd jerseys already? The all black ones we had for a few games. Are they going to add the baby blues later via patch or those black ones it as they are listed under alternate and are blank in the jersey selection screen?

At the end of the day we're 38 games over .500 including winning our 400th game.

BTW - Can someone tell me how in the world Suck A Goat(SAG, ugly green helmets) keeps getting ahead of us when we keep beating them.

byeskey said...

It's not all about scoring goals. Here's how you stop a sure goal.

Paul said...

Obviously there is a goat in charge of the standings.