Friday, October 17, 2008


Clemente, knocking some pubes loose...

The Owen Jones with a shorthanded gamewinner in OT. Bow down.


Paul said...

I have 2 Paul Explosion vids but I can't find them on my EA account. Once it gets fixed THE Owen Jones will be humbled ... once and for all.

Aron said...

found them on your other ea looks like that's the one where your vid's are saving.

i'm only posting this one, cuz it was from EASHL, the others were from Be-A-Joe the Plumber. Those don't count

Paul said...

which account is it? I have no clue ... It's obvious how much better you are than me - it makes me frown.

Backstory to that one:

That guy named Green, picked so many cherries he sends Chris Hansen X-mas cards from prison. Our whole team stick lifted and beat his ass for most of the whole game.

When it came time to play again, the canceled out due to not wanting the amount of trash we through their way.

Green: Hey guys, whats up.

Owen: Nothing you faggot!

Smo said...

max green, what a cherry-pickin' douche.

we played them again after you left, explosion. kev, owen and polish were on a line and i played D.

I did him dirty. in the ass, obviously. he didn't score. and he got his pubes rocked a few times.

wildthing202 said...

Would I do better as a sniper or as a playmaker? I'm just wondering just because I want to be able to score if I play as the solo forward(2 cpu forwards, human defense)

Paul said...

You are a sniper all the way, too much mann!

Juice said...

you will probably do better as a sniper chris
it would also help if you got yourself into better shooting position, and stopped just skating into the offensive zone and doing a slapshot from wherever you are on the ice hoping it goes in

TheFandangler said...


Tonight, we play.