Friday, October 3, 2008

Rumor has it

That this team is a beast. Our record is 421-367-46, which is a cool 54 games above .500. We are ranked 8th, but if we continue at this pace...who knows? But don't just take my word for's what a teammate had to say;

"cougar300 (guest): TPB took down the #1 ranked team - was 1-0 most of the way. We made it 2-0 with about 4 min left, then they scored with around 54 seconds left. We held on despite a wild flurry at the end for the 2-1 win. "

EA SPORTS World: gw01

That's polish in the corner getting molsested for the team so that Braun can put it home for the W.


AJN24 going where grandma hides the peanut butter

AJN24...because goals vs the Red Wings are always the best

Bigtourist, buries it in OT.


Aron said...

as far as i know the video...and the #1 team are unrelated..btw

TheFandangler said...

If you're talking about the one with me scoring it is.

Polish and I are super clutch for hooking up with the late game goals...

Paul said...

Too bad I couldn't get around to finding anyone for more games last night, but that's the way it goes.

BTW - We did beat the #1 team last night "Most Wanted" 2-1. We had a total of 5 shots, and our forwards buried 2 of them. Their offense is poo, but thier D is solid.

Pensblog is coming bitches, look out.

No one would fight me last night making my overall record ... crap I forgot.

TheFandangler said...

No relation to my goal... I said it bad in my previous post.

cracker said...

we were on fire last night. heres an OT winner i put in..

btw, i finally plugged my ps3 directly into the router instead of using wireless.. what a difference. i was dominating the faceoff circle early on, but then struggled a bit later after i was 6 or 7 beers deep. much easier to control my guy now that im not constantly lagging though.

Aron said...

cracker it's added, thanks

TJenk6687 said...

We absolutely beat the pee out of somebody last night...12-1 I know nate was in on it... They got a little tweaked at us and kind of forgot about the puck. Good times. Would have cut my +/- in half. But they only had 2 players... don't think the game counted. Poop.

wildthing202 said...

end the day at 61 games over .500 going 10-3 before the night crew comes on.

Michael said...

Game Winning Goal in OT for Team B